I Run My Family Like a Company to Keep Us Together

I’m busy, so busy that it could be easy to not care about family meetings. Yet, I believe in running my family like a business to an extent. All good organizations need meetings to reflect, plan, celebrate, and grow. From extended family... Continue Reading

My Hooptie, a Love Story: The Amazing and the Terrible Things about Driving an Old Car

If my car were a person, she’d be getting her driver’s license this year. When I was 17, my parents gave me the amazing gift of a used car. I named her Mollie Malibu. She was mine to take to... Continue Reading

11 Beautiful Black Dolls Beyond Barbie and Doc McStuffins

When shopping for toys, I always try to find toys that represent my children.  There has been an increase in diverse dolls since I was a child.  I am happy that there are more mainstream dolls with various shades, such... Continue Reading

10 Survival Tips For Mommies Who Hate Where They Live

Far from the best times of my life, my mid-to-late twenties were an extended pity party. Professionally, emotionally, and physically, I was stuck in a place I didn’t want to be. Hate is too light a word to describe how... Continue Reading

7 Simple Tips for Taking Better Photos of Your Kids

By Alicia Barnes, liciabobesha.com I know you’re already taking photos of your kids, but are you taking easy steps that can vastly improve the quality of photos? People often assume that the quality of a photo is tied to how... Continue Reading

“Skinny” Baby Drama — Dealing with Critics of Your Child’s Size

By Tiffany Childress Price I’m self conscious about post partum weight. Now I’m not talking about  the muffin of ALL muffin tops in the universe from your skinny jeans, nor how “little in the middle but she got much butt”... Continue Reading

Baby and Blog is Looking For (Paid) Writers!

Hello ladies, It’s been a great year for Baby and Blog since we launched in June! As we head into the new year, we want to increase the number and the diversity of voices that contribute to this website. We... Continue Reading

Mommy Style: Kim’s Fall Look

I would rock this look to a cafe with the hubby, Barnes and Noble with the kids (4 babies I might add), or our all around Family Day that we do Saturdays (museum, Goodwill for shopping, dinner)! Although I’m a... Continue Reading

Changes to Baby and Blog: New Design and Paid Writer Positions!

Hey Ladies, It’s been almost four months since I launched Baby and Blog and, whew, it’s definitely been a learning process! My other blog, Black Girl with Long Hair, is about hair — which certainly can be a very personal... Continue Reading

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