My Greatest Struggle as a New Mother is Resenting the Loss of My Freedom

There comes a time in every mother’s life when she feels like she’s the sh*t. Maybe it’s the first time you lay the baby down for a nap and triumphantly tip toe from the room. Or perhaps it’s preparing more... Continue Reading

30 Children’s Books That Affirm and Empower Black Girls

As black mothers we know that the world can be unkind to little black girls. That’s why it’s important for us to affirm them at home so they can shine out in the world. Here are 30 books that affirm... Continue Reading

Why Satisfying Sex Should Be Part of a Mother’s Self-Care

“Sex? Don’t look at me! I’ve got more important things on my mind.” Sound like you? Most of us became mommies because we got hot, sweaty and (hopefully) satisfied. Yet, once those beautiful babies are born, a lot of mommies... Continue Reading

New Studies Show the “Crack Baby” Was a Media Myth Designed to Frighten Whites and Criminalize Black Children

When you hear the term “crack baby,” you might picture the movie Losing Isaiah with the screaming baby suffering due to his mother’s drug habit. He was the classic crack baby: disruptive, troubled, and fictional. Crack babies aren’t a real... Continue Reading

Dear Dads: Your Daughter Will Grow Up to Have Sex. Deal With It.

When I was young, my dad had a running joke that he would not let me get married until I was 30, 60, or 90. He never said that to my brother. I always laughed it off because I knew... Continue Reading

We Shouldn’t Need to Point Fingers at Other Mothers to Validate Our Parenting Decisions

I was recently reading a mother’s reflection about her choice to leave the workplace to focus on raising her children. Although I am a working mother I nodded along, resonating with her words. Juggling my work, marriage and children has... Continue Reading

10 Foolproof Ways I Keep My Children’s Play Area Organized and Tidy

I am a huge fan of unstructured play for my kids. Play is how they learn about themselves and the world, and develop critical thinking skills and self-direction. I got my son started with independent play as early as possible.... Continue Reading

9 Craft Activities That Teach Preschoolers About Black History and Culture

February means a return of all the classic Black History Month activities at school, but there’s so much more you can do to teach your kids about our history than a coloring sheet of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. From... Continue Reading

5 Reasons It Sucks to Be the Female Breadwinner of Your Home

The author of this piece has asked to remain anonymous. Women are catching up in the workplace — fast. Time Magazine recently proclaimed that within 25 years most American families will be financially supported by women instead of men. I... Continue Reading

Unanchored Furniture is More Dangerous for Children Than You Think

When I was about 8 years old, my dresser and TV fell on me. That’s it above. I had opened a drawer, pulled something out, then opened another without closing it either. As I opened the third drawer, the whole... Continue Reading

Facing My Limitations: I Want More Children, But I Cannot Mentally or Emotionally Afford Them

I have three siblings and growing up I always enjoyed being part of a large family. My siblings and I would play elaborate games together, forming teams and coming up with complicated rules. And yes, at one point my mom... Continue Reading

Happy Slaves and Good Masters: As a Black Mother I am Troubled at How American Slavery is Portrayed in Children’s Lit

Just weeks before Black History Month a major publisher, Scholastic Inc. released, and just 12 days later removed a children’s book called, A Birthday Cake For George Washington. The book was swiftly met with protest from parents and teachers.  Most... Continue Reading

I Sacrificed My Professional Dreams to Become a Mother 7 Times Over I wish I could paint this fairytale picture that where I am now in my life is what I’ve always wanted, but that’s the furthest from the truth. With a Bachelor of Science in International Business, I thought I... Continue Reading

[Pic] RHOA’s Kandi Burruss Shares Beautiful Breastfeeding Photo

On January 6th 2016, Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker welcomed their son Ace Wells Tucker into the world.  Almost 2 weeks old and little Ace is already teaching mommy to multitask. Kandi shared this very beautiful photo on social media... Continue Reading

Why My 2-Year-Old Daughter Has a Tablet

The fight against spoiled children in many Black families starts early. Most new parents I know have had a mother, aunt, or grandmother swoop in and tell them, “You let that baby cry. You’ll spoil her picking her up every... Continue Reading

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