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Striking the Balance Between Parental Role and Children’s Rights

Recently people have questioned some of the lifestyle choices I’ve made or intend to make for my child. An old schoolmate asked about my whole-food, plant-based diet and whether or not I plan to ‘force’ my baby to eat the... Continue Reading

7 Key Questions to Ask A Potential Babysitter

I have four children, which means my husband and often need babysitters. We prefer to have reliable family members watch our kids, but sometimes that option isn’t available to us, and we have to take a chance on parents from... Continue Reading

Why I Put My Daughter in Daycare… Even Though I Work From Home

By Dara Mathis When I tell people that I work from home, they usually congratulate me on my good fortune. I agree with them; since my employer made me a 100% telecommuter nearly two years ago, I’ve had nothing but... Continue Reading

Share Your Worst #DiaperDisaster For a Chance to Win a CURLS Baby Kit

A few weeks back, I had my worst diaper disaster with Noah ever… and after getting over the trauma of it all, I shared my tale on Facebook; Okay… So I think I have a contender for worst mommy day... Continue Reading

Why I Have Mixed Feelings About the #WorldsToughestJob Viral Video

A few days ago a video called, “World’s Toughest Job” was posted online by the greeting card company and quickly went viral. I was sent the video by quite a few people, watched it a couple times and felt…... Continue Reading

New Dreamworks Animated Film, Home, Will Feature a Black Girl as the Protagonist

This is exciting. Dreamworks’ new animated film, Home, will feature a young black girl (voiced by Rihanna) as its protagonist! Here’s a description of the movie from Wikipedia: An overly optimistic, yet inept, alien race named Boov, led by Captain... Continue Reading

Urban Farming: How and Why I Keep Free Range Chickens in My Backyard

By Alicia Barnes, The more I learn about our industrial food system, the more I find myself embracing old fashioned ways. My yard is too shaded to have a big garden, but I found my semi-shaded lot is perfect... Continue Reading

Some Monday Inspiration

So it’s not Monday quite yet… But it will be in like an hour. I found this beautiful picture online and I wanted to wait till I could find the original and get the story behind it before I posted.... Continue Reading

4 Key Questions to Ask Potential Care Providers For a Natural Birth

You’re pregnant with your first and checking out all your options. Or it’s your second or third baby, and you’re wanting a different experience than the last time around.  Maybe no epidural, definitely not that awful Pitocin. Where do you... Continue Reading

Meet Our New Writer, Darcel

Introduce yourself. D: I live in Virginia. We’ve been here for 5 years this month. We love it! Beautiful weather most of the year, beaches, festivals, museums, so much to do. I’m a stay at home/work at home/homeschooling mother. If... Continue Reading

Will Pulling Back My Baby’s Hair Damage Her Hair Line?

Trichologist Dr. Kari Williams is a fan of Baby and Blog and has agreed to answer your hair questions as they arrive! If you have a baby/child hair related question that you want answered, email and I will pass... Continue Reading

Why The American Model of Public Education Won’t Work for Every Child

For the student pacing in front of me, unable to focus on the chemistry book because he was busy contemplating the stars, school was increasingly frustrating.  And as a teacher, it’s impossible for me to tell him, with a straight... Continue Reading

Fascinating 1952 Film Follows The Work of Southern Black Midwife “Miss Mary” Coley

Midwifery in the African American community is a tradition that dates back for centuries. While current rates of home births are low among black women, there was a time when the opposite was true. Ina May Gaskin explains; For the... Continue Reading

Why I Never Ask Childless People About Having Kids

I really enjoy being a Mommy! The fact that there is a person who has little bits of my husband and I, mixed and matched into a bundle of cuteness, is just eternally delightful. As she unveils more and more... Continue Reading

8 Fun Ways to Teach Your Child Sight Words

Some have said that English is one of the most difficult languages to learn because so many words do not follow a simple phonetic pattern. It is true that many words do not follow any pattern at all and we learn... Continue Reading