Friends and Family Too Far? Host a Virtual Baby Shower Instead

When I received a baby shower invitation last year, I was excited and sad. The friend had just moved to a new state, so attending an in-person shower wasn’t an option. Yet, I was elated to find out I could still... Continue Reading

Have We Been Conditioned to Panic? 3 Myths About Pregnancy Over 35 Debunked

About a month after my 30th birthday, an elderly woman, who was admiring my 2-week-old daughter, asked my age and if I’d had any other children. When I told her this baby was my first, she warned, “Do your best... Continue Reading

New Studies Show the “Crack Baby” Was a Media Myth Designed to Frighten Whites and Criminalize Black Children

When you hear the term “crack baby, ” you might picture the movie Losing Isaiah with the screaming baby suffering due to his mother’s drug habit. He was the classic crack baby: disruptive, troubled, and fictional. Crack babies aren’t a... Continue Reading

It Takes a Village: Resources for Black Moms to Advocate for Healthy Childbirth

When I delivered my daughter nearly four years ago, I planned on having a natural home birth. I had spent the majority of my pregnancy educating myself about the business of childbirth. I had a low-risk pregnancy and knew I... Continue Reading

I’m Pregnant With Twins and Raising 4 Young Children — The Challenges and the Joys

I never thought that after already being blessed with four children my body would carry twins. When I went for my first prenatal check up I was so surprised yet giddy when I got the news. I always entertained the... Continue Reading

5 Ways to Dress for Pregnancy Without Buying Expensive Maternity Clothes

Pregnant at 16 weeksDuring my first three pregnancies I struggled GREATLY with maternity clothes. No one ever explained to me that you should buy maternity clothes according to your normal size and that the only difference in maternity clothes is... Continue Reading

Was Your Pregnancy Planned or a Surprise?

*This post originally went up in September. I’m re-posting because it’s a great discussion I’d love to continue!* Hello Mommies! Today I’d love to hear how your pregnancies came about! My pregnancy was a super surprise! My husband and I... Continue Reading

10 Things Never to Say to a Pregnant Woman

Are you seriously asking me that?by Alicia Barnes of 1. Are you scared? Of what? Of the dark? Yeah a little. I never quite outgrew that. When I have to sleep alone, I totally don’t dim the lights the whole... Continue Reading

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