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I Had to Fail as a Mommy to Succeed as a Momtrepreneur: Getting Over Guilt to Get Things Done

As a child, I resented spending so much time with a nanny instead of my mother. She built and heads her own food service and manufacturing company, which has multiple operations in different cities. So, as a teenager, I swore... Continue Reading

I Turned Down Two Jobs to Stay at Home Because Child Care Costs Too Much

Now over a year into my total life change, I’m still shocked when I look back. Did I really turn down two jobs to stay home with my kids? I did not go to college and graduate school to stay... Continue Reading

My Greatest Struggle as a New Mother is Resenting the Loss of My Freedom

There comes a time in every mother’s life when she feels like she’s the sh*t. Maybe it’s the first time you lay the baby down for a nap and triumphantly tip toe from the room. Or perhaps it’s preparing more... Continue Reading

I Sacrificed My Professional Dreams to Become a Mother 7 Times Over I wish I could paint this fairytale picture that where I am now in my life is what I’ve always wanted, but that’s the furthest from the truth. With a Bachelor of Science in International Business, I thought I... Continue Reading

9 Ways I Survive as a Black Woman Mothering Without a Village

From seeking advice about teething and feeding,  to getting help with the laundry and babysitting,  family members and friends make up the village most women depend on to help them bring up their child(ren). But, the reality for some of us is that we have made our homes in foreign countries or other locations that make it hard to see our loved ones regularly.... Continue Reading

Confession: I Let the TV ‘Babysit’ My Child

By Dara Mathis Before I became a mother, I promised myself that I would never be the type of parent who let the television “babysit” my kid. How lazy! How neglectful! What a poor example of motherhood! And then real... Continue Reading

I’m Pregnant With Twins and Raising 4 Young Children — The Challenges and the Joys

I never thought that after already being blessed with four children my body would carry twins. When I went for my first prenatal check up I was so surprised yet giddy when I got the news. I always entertained the... Continue Reading

The Dating Chronicles of a Jamaican Single Mother

By Yanique Quest As a single mother, your life tends to be centered on your kids. This can be a fulfilling life for some and for others like me, it can become pretty lonely. As a single mother of four... Continue Reading

12 Parenting Lessons I Learned From Watching Scandal

One of my favorite television shows is Scandal.  Although the popular drama is known for it’s high paced action, there are many lessons to be learned about parenting (mainly, what NOT to do, lol) 1. Never Put Down the Other... Continue Reading

6 of the GROSSEST Experiences of Motherhood

By Alicia Barnes, I’m grateful that I don’t have a weak constitution because motherhood has sure thrown some gross curveballs I didn’t expect. Lochia As if pregnancy and labor weren’t enough, they are followed by lochia, or as I... Continue Reading

I’ve Struggled to Make and Keep Mommy Friends

By Alicia Barnes, In my rural, southern town there aren’t any of the meet ups I hear moms going to. There is a MOPs chapter about 20 miles away, but they meet during the work day. If I had... Continue Reading

I’m a Mommy Who Became Addicted to Candy Crush

It started with my mom. She was in town visiting and looking for a game to play on her new Kindle. She’s in her mid-sixties and her doctor told her that at her age she should play games to keep... Continue Reading

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