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Legos Unlocked: 15 Ways to Use Legos to Teach Math and Language Arts

Legos are great toys and one of the most creative tools that children can use.  Since children love them so much, they make for excellent Math and Language Arts manipulatives. For parents looking to offer new challenges to keep their kids learning,... Continue Reading

It’s Not New-Agey or Weird: What Black Families Should Know About Unschooling

Last week, Steve Harvey discussed unschooling on his popular talk show. Harvey explained a major benefit of homeschooling his own children was increased family time, but while he supports homeschooling he is unfamiliar with unschooling. On the show, Harvey had... Continue Reading

5 Reasons I’m Concerned By This Video of a White Teacher Berating a Black Female Student

“I am not as smart as the other kids.”  That’s what the child told her mother. “There is nothing that infuriates me more than when you don’t do what’s on your paper!” That’s what the teacher Ms. Dial told the... Continue Reading

I Turned Down Two Jobs to Stay at Home Because Child Care Costs Too Much

Now over a year into my total life change, I’m still shocked when I look back. Did I really turn down two jobs to stay home with my kids? I did not go to college and graduate school to stay... Continue Reading

How I Use Mealtime for Discipline, Conversation and Education

There are a lot of things I’m not great at in life, but I excel at dinner time. While serving chicken nuggets in front of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse might make some aspects of my day easier, I refuse. Family dinner... Continue Reading

16 Toys That Encourage Engineering Skills in Kids

I’m grooming my daughter to become an engineer. No, I’m not going to tell her what career or fields of study to pursue. But, I want to train her brain to tinker away at the world as she manouvers her way... Continue Reading

30 Children’s Books That Affirm and Empower Black Girls

As black mothers we know that the world can be unkind to little black girls. That’s why it’s important for us to affirm them at home so they can shine out in the world. Here are 30 books that affirm... Continue Reading

Why My 2-Year-Old Daughter Has a Tablet

The fight against spoiled children in many Black families starts early. Most new parents I know have had a mother, aunt, or grandmother swoop in and tell them, “You let that baby cry. You’ll spoil her picking her up every... Continue Reading

10 Ways to Teach Young Children the Value of Money

Money habits are learned at a very young age. When children see mommy and daddy spend money, they do not actively see where the money comes from. They see deliveries come to the doorstep without knowing if the money was... Continue Reading

8 Kindergarten Readiness Skills that are More Important than Letter Recognition and Counting

Often times when people discuss whether a child is “ready” for Kindergarten the discussion is centered on academic skills such as letter recognition or counting.  However there non-academic skills that are necessary for your child to have a successful start... Continue Reading

5 Mentalities You Need to Make it as a Homeschooling Mom

Considering homeschooling is overwhelming. It’s a major transition to opt-out of the traditional school system and move forward with your children’s education fully in your hands. During our life-changing journey to homeschooling, we questioned ourselves often about whether we were... Continue Reading

I’m a Black Mother Considering a Failing Elementary School For My Son

Since the public schools here are failing, I never considered them until some friends toured and liked what they saw. Intrigued, I signed up for my own tour. The school wasn’t what I expected. The tour was led by parents... Continue Reading

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: My Honest Thoughts On My First Few Months of Homeschooling

We have seven children. Our oldest two were the only ones in the traditional school system. Since they’d both been in school since age four, they were used to the routine of going back to class after summer vacation. Their... Continue Reading

18 Free and Cheap Homeschooling/Unschooling Resources

You don’t need to spend insane amounts of money in order to successfully homeschool your child(ren). There are a ton of free or inexpensive homeschooling/unschooling resources right in your backyard. It takes a little research and getting out to explore... Continue Reading

Why I’m Conflicted About Taking My Kids to the Zoo

While the zoo may sound like the perfect family friendly outing, I’m not so sure about zoos. Sometimes during a zoo trip, I wonder what I’m really teaching my kids. Part of me enjoys seeing wildlife in person and another... Continue Reading

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