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My Hooptie, a Love Story: The Amazing and the Terrible Things about Driving an Old Car

If my car were a person, she’d be getting her driver’s license this year. When I was 17, my parents gave me the amazing gift of a used car. I named her Mollie Malibu. She was mine to take to... Continue Reading

10 Survival Tips For Mommies Who Hate Where They Live

Far from the best times of my life, my mid-to-late twenties were an extended pity party. Professionally, emotionally, and physically, I was stuck in a place I didn’t want to be. Hate is too light a word to describe how... Continue Reading

How My Son’s Ballet Lessons Are Helping Him Develop Character

I’m a big believer in learning through play. Little children learn best when their imaginations and hearts are in the forefront. This is why I love dance class for my son. From the time they can sit up, the tiniest... Continue Reading

I Turned Down Two Jobs to Stay at Home Because Child Care Costs Too Much

Now over a year into my total life change, I’m still shocked when I look back. Did I really turn down two jobs to stay home with my kids? I did not go to college and graduate school to stay... Continue Reading

How I Use Mealtime for Discipline, Conversation and Education

There are a lot of things I’m not great at in life, but I excel at dinner time. While serving chicken nuggets in front of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse might make some aspects of my day easier, I refuse. Family dinner... Continue Reading

Why I Reclaimed My Relationship with the Outdoors as a Black Woman and Went Camping

I had always been curious about camping. Something about a tent, a fire, and marshmallows sounded like a lot of fun, but when I brought it up, no one in my family wanted to sleep on the ground outside when... Continue Reading

New Studies Show the “Crack Baby” Was a Media Myth Designed to Frighten Whites and Criminalize Black Children

When you hear the term “crack baby, ” you might picture the movie Losing Isaiah with the screaming baby suffering due to his mother’s drug habit. He was the classic crack baby: disruptive, troubled, and fictional. Crack babies aren’t a... Continue Reading

Unanchored Furniture is More Dangerous for Children Than You Think

When I was about 8 years old, my dresser and TV fell on me. That’s it above. I had opened a drawer, pulled something out, then opened another without closing it either. As I opened the third drawer, the whole... Continue Reading

Why Speaking Gently to Our Kids is Even More Important in the Era of Black Lives Matter

While out on a New Year’s Eve run, I passed by a family loading up in their van. Kids piled in quickly and a woman spoke harshly, “I’ve been calling you and calling you. I’ve been waiting here.” Uh oh,... Continue Reading

I’m a Black Mother Considering a Failing Elementary School For My Son

Since the public schools here are failing, I never considered them until some friends toured and liked what they saw. Intrigued, I signed up for my own tour. The school wasn’t what I expected. The tour was led by parents... Continue Reading

Why My 3 Year Old is Getting Knives for Christmas

Looking for a gift that will improve motor skills, increase confidence, and improve your kid’s diet? Consider knives. That’s what I’m getting my three year old for Christmas. My little man has been helping me in the kitchen for awhile... Continue Reading

I Won’t Kick My 3-Year-Old Out of My Bed

I remember my first night as a mother. I nursed my tiny baby to sleep, placed him in his crib, where he began to cry. So I calmed him, waited longer before I put him down, and yet he cried... Continue Reading

Why I’m Conflicted About Taking My Kids to the Zoo

While the zoo may sound like the perfect family friendly outing, I’m not so sure about zoos. Sometimes during a zoo trip, I wonder what I’m really teaching my kids. Part of me enjoys seeing wildlife in person and another... Continue Reading

The 10 Things I Will Tell My Children About Sex

When I was about 14, my mom came into my room to give me the talk. It went something like, “There’s a lot of boys in this neighborhood. Keep your legs closed.” That was it. It was woefully insufficient. Like... Continue Reading

My Experience with Diastasis Recti (Separation of the Abdominal Muscles) After Birth

By Alicia Barnes, In a normal week I spend 6-8 hours in the gym, so when my stomach wasn’t getting to where I was happy with it, I knew something wasn’t right. I kept hearing about diastasis recti, a... Continue Reading

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