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Dara T. Mathis is a freelance writer and editor, the brains behind the lifestyle blog Truly Tafakari, and a lover of great homemade soups.

Why My 2-Year-Old Daughter Has a Tablet

The fight against spoiled children in many Black families starts early. Most new parents I know have had a mother, aunt, or grandmother swoop in and tell them, “You let that baby cry. You’ll spoil her picking her up every time she cries!” As our children get older, the focus on not spoiling them trends…

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Why This Black Mom Isn’t Buying Her Daughter Elsa for Christmas

Not long ago, I was at the store gathering balloons for a graduation when two little Black girls walked up to the customer service representative. The girls asked him if the store had any more Princess Tiana costumes. The customer service rep told them whatever they had on the floor was all they had. The little girls’ faces drooped a bit, but then they went away and…

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