Affirming Black Girls

11 Beautiful Black Dolls Beyond Barbie and Doc McStuffins

When shopping for toys, I always try to find toys that represent my children.  There has been an increase in diverse dolls since I was a child.  I am happy that there are more mainstream dolls with various shades, such... Continue Reading

5 Reasons I’m Concerned By This Video of a White Teacher Berating a Black Female Student

“I am not as smart as the other kids.”  That’s what the child told her mother. “There is nothing that infuriates me more than when you don’t do what’s on your paper!” That’s what the teacher Ms. Dial told the... Continue Reading

Why I Won’t Buy My Daughter a Baby Doll Unless She Asks

I don’t have anything against dolls. I don’t think they make or break a girl’s sense of self. I don’t think they promote domesticity — and I don’t think being domestic is a bad thing! But I do feel that,... Continue Reading

16 Toys That Encourage Engineering Skills in Kids

I’m grooming my daughter to become an engineer. No, I’m not going to tell her what career or fields of study to pursue. But, I want to train her brain to tinker away at the world as she manouvers her way... Continue Reading

30 Children’s Books That Affirm and Empower Black Girls

As black mothers we know that the world can be unkind to little black girls. That’s why it’s important for us to affirm them at home so they can shine out in the world. Here are 30 books that affirm... Continue Reading

Dear Dads: Your Daughter Will Grow Up to Have Sex. Deal With It.

When I was young, my dad had a running joke that he would not let me get married until I was 30, 60, or 90. He never said that to my brother. I always laughed it off because I knew... Continue Reading

Why Speaking Gently to Our Kids is Even More Important in the Era of Black Lives Matter

While out on a New Year’s Eve run, I passed by a family loading up in their van. Kids piled in quickly and a woman spoke harshly, “I’ve been calling you and calling you. I’ve been waiting here.” Uh oh,... Continue Reading

32 Black Celebrities Who Have Authored Children’s Books and Apps

As I search through hundreds and hundreds of books at the library, trying to find books that will engage my children, I am always happy to find those that are authored by some of my favorite celebrities.  In addition to... Continue Reading

Why This Black Mom Isn’t Buying Her Daughter Elsa for Christmas

Not long ago, I was at the store gathering balloons for a graduation when two little Black girls walked up to the customer service representative. The girls asked him if the store had any more Princess Tiana costumes. The customer service rep told them whatever they had on the floor... Continue Reading

7 Historical Warrior Princesses I Want My Daughter to Emulate

I only recently got a peek at what Americans call ‘Princess Culture’ and sort of connected why the little girls all wanted pink frocks that look like 17th century designs, like to wear tiaras and some of them demand that... Continue Reading

Is it Fair to Force My Anti-Relaxer Stance on My Daughter?

When I went natural 8 years ago, it felt revolutionary to me. I chopped my relaxed hair off for a number of reasons: I was a broke grad student with no home perm skills; I was curious about my natural... Continue Reading

How to Throw a Doc McStuffins Themed Birthday Party

When I decided to plan my daughters birthday party I knew we were going to have a Doc Mc Stuffins theme.  The show was relatively new so there were not that many products out there.  Now that more people have... Continue Reading

Stop Hugging My Baby When She Says No

My daughter, at only two years old, is a child who owns herself from head to toe. Before I became a mother, it never occurred to me that children are autonomous little people and not personal belongings of their parents.... Continue Reading

Why I Reject Princess Culture for My Black Girls — Even Princess Tiana

In 2009 Disney released The Princess and the Frog, making Princess Tiana the first black Disney princess.  I know many black parents rejoiced knowing that their daughters would finally have a princess that looks like them.  We finally got some... Continue Reading

Why I Gave My Daughter a Black Name — Despite the Perceived Consequences

As an African-American woman with an unusual name (Dara Tafakari), I know all too well that America is unkind to difference. People have always butchered my name mercilessly. When I got pregnant with my daughter, I considered naming her as... Continue Reading

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