Working Mothers

I Had to Fail as a Mommy to Succeed as a Momtrepreneur: Getting Over Guilt to Get Things Done

As a child, I resented spending so much time with a nanny instead of my mother. She built and heads her own food service and manufacturing company, which has multiple operations in different cities. So, as a teenager, I swore... Continue Reading

10 Survival Tips For Mommies Who Hate Where They Live

Far from the best times of my life, my mid-to-late twenties were an extended pity party. Professionally, emotionally, and physically, I was stuck in a place I didn’t want to be. Hate is too light a word to describe how... Continue Reading

Have We Been Conditioned to Panic? 3 Myths About Pregnancy Over 35 Debunked

About a month after my 30th birthday, an elderly woman, who was admiring my 2-week-old daughter, asked my age and if I’d had any other children. When I told her this baby was my first, she warned, “Do your best... Continue Reading

I Turned Down Two Jobs to Stay at Home Because Child Care Costs Too Much

Now over a year into my total life change, I’m still shocked when I look back. Did I really turn down two jobs to stay home with my kids? I did not go to college and graduate school to stay... Continue Reading

5 Reasons It Sucks to Be the Female Breadwinner of Your Home

The author of this piece has asked to remain anonymous. Women are catching up in the workplace — fast. Time Magazine recently proclaimed that within 25 years most American families will be financially supported by women instead of men. I... Continue Reading

I Won’t Kick My 3-Year-Old Out of My Bed

I remember my first night as a mother. I nursed my tiny baby to sleep, placed him in his crib, where he began to cry. So I calmed him, waited longer before I put him down, and yet he cried... Continue Reading

Why I Put My Daughter in Daycare… Even Though I Work From Home

By Dara Mathis When I tell people that I work from home, they usually congratulate me on my good fortune. I agree with them; since my employer made me a 100% telecommuter nearly two years ago, I’ve had nothing but... Continue Reading

Does Planning for Stay-At-Home Motherhood Begin… In College?

I recently read the book, 7 Myths of Working Mothers by Suzanne Venker, and I thought it was a thought-provoking read. She contends that most careers are just not accommodating to mothers who really want to spend time with their children.... Continue Reading

8 Tips for Starting a Home-Based Business

Before I got into blogging, I had a habit of trying different business ideas. The thrill of earning extra cash prompted me to try some pretty random things; selling vintage items on Ebay, cleaning houses, glittering cards for a stationery... Continue Reading

10 Interesting and Meaningful Work-From-Home Jobs for Moms

When I wrote “I’m a Jamaican Housewife“, I was protesting the disregard today’s society seems to have for the role of the homemaker. Yet, even before I detailed all the work that managing a home and family entails, I referenced... Continue Reading

I Missed My Baby’s First Steps Because I Was Working

I used to think that mothers who stayed home with their children were doing themselves and their kids a disservice. A liberated and educated woman belongs in the workforce, I thought. Why graduate, get a job, and then stay home... Continue Reading

True Life: I’m a Breadwinner Wife; 6 Ways That I Cope

Breadwinner wives. We’re an interesting bunch. Increasingly common, but surprisingly absent in media representations of the modern woman. Sometimes we are praised, other times we are chided. Like the time I went out to dinner with my best friend and... Continue Reading

I Took a 40% Pay Cut to Be a Better Mother

by Alicia Barnes of I always assumed I’d work and have babies. I mean I went to college after all. Then my life looked like this: 6:45 wake, dress everyone 7:15 leave for childcare/work 8:00 start work day 5:15 pick... Continue Reading

I’m a Working Mom, But I Would Rather Stay at Home: 5 Ways That I Cope

By Sundi Ever since I was a young girl, I knew that I would be a stay at home mom. I decided it when I was four years old, and I would get tearful every time I saw my mother leave... Continue Reading

The Fantasy vs The Reality of Being a Work-From Home Mother

I have shared before that in late 2009 I made a calculated decision to walk away from my job as a newspaper reporter to focus on my website, Black Girl with Long Hair, full time. Back then I entertained fantasies... Continue Reading

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