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New Studies Show the “Crack Baby” Was a Media Myth Designed to Frighten Whites and Criminalize Black Children

When you hear the term “crack baby, ” you might picture the movie Losing Isaiah with the screaming baby suffering due to his mother’s drug habit. He was the classic crack baby: disruptive, troubled, and fictional. Crack babies aren’t a... Continue Reading

Was Your Pregnancy Planned or a Surprise?

*This post originally went up in September. I’m re-posting because it’s a great discussion I’d love to continue!* Hello Mommies! Today I’d love to hear how your pregnancies came about! My pregnancy was a super surprise! My husband and I... Continue Reading

What is Your Preferred Method of Birth Control?

A recent study showed that the pull out method of contraception has nearly the same rate of effectiveness as condoms. Check it out: “Although withdrawal may not be as effective as some contraceptive methods, it is substantially more effective than... Continue Reading

Did You Circumcise? Why or Why Not?

A recent report showed that infant circumcisions have been on a 30 year decline in America. While the procedure is still very popular — 58% of baby boys are circumcised — opponents of circumcision say it’s akin to mutilation, and... Continue Reading

Why I Never Ask Childless People About Having Kids

I really enjoy being a Mommy! The fact that there is a person who has little bits of my husband and I, mixed and matched into a bundle of cuteness, is just eternally delightful. As she unveils more and more... Continue Reading

Is It Appropriate To Allow Kids and Toddlers to Listen to Adult Music?

Music always has always been important to me.  It has the power to make us laugh, cry and tap into our emotions.   As a parent I am very conscious of all types of media my children consume, especially music.  Sometimes... Continue Reading

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