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14 Free Activities That Burn Toddler Energy On A Cold Day

By Alicia Barnes, Brrrr, it’s cold outside. While the chilly temperatures make me want to curl up motionless under a blanket, they seem to energize my toddler. For my sanity and his nap’s sake, we’ve figured out these fun ways to wear him out while staying warm inside: 1. Play hide and go seek….

About Alicia B

Alicia lives and took a semester of photography in a small college town that often challenges her resolve to live as simply and as stress-free as possible. When she’s not working, rereading the same children’s books, cooking, or wondering how crunchy she’s become, she’s busy updating her site, You can follow her on facebook.

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The Baby Playlist: 20 Songs that Mommy and Baby Can Enjoy

Music is a minor (okay, major) obsession of mine. If I wasn’t a blogger, I’d definitely try my hand at DJing ? So when Noah was born I made a point to find music we could both enjoy. I could have bought an album specifically designed for babies. But since I work from home, I…


About Leila

Leila is the founding editor of Baby and Blog. She splits her time between editing hair and culture site, Black Girl with Long Hair, whipping up butters at BGLH Marketplace, and writing here. She adores her husband and two kids, her parents and her friends. But she hates Chicago weather although she is slowly coming to peace with it...

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