Black Fathers Who Babywear!

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By now you might have heard about the controversy over baby carrier company Baby K’Tan’s marketing for their sling. One box features a white mother and baby, with her partner standing behind her, the other features a black woman and her baby standing by themselves.


Many feel that the packaging furthers the perception that black fathers are not involved in the lives of their children. Well, I cannot say whether this was deliberately racist or not, but in the Baby and Blog Facebook group (if you haven’t joined, you NEED to… it is SO happening over there) member Ashley started a thread on black fathers who babywear, and invited us to share our pictures. It started out as fun, and turned into serious inspiration. Some of the mommies have allowed me to share their photos here on Baby and Blog! And if you want to have your partner’s photo added, simply email it to with a short description, and I’ll add it to the main post. I’m still getting permission from the Facebook group mommies to share the pics, so check back periodically for more ?

Submitted by: Nicole

Submitted by Marcia; “My husband with our son Sebastian :)”

Submitted by me; “My son is about a week old in this picture. My husband was thirsty to use that carrier, lol!”

Submitted by Markisha

Submitted by Martina; “On a hike a few months back :)”

Submitted by Ashley

Submitted by Donnica

Submitted by Petunia

Submitted by Kristie; “When our son was younger”

Submitted by Cess; “When our son was about 4 mo”

Submitted by Asia

From the Humans of New York Facebook page

Submitted by Denise; Here’s my husband at a baby wearing class. This is a doll by the way!

Submitted by Shannon; This is my brother. He is not a father yet, but he is babywearing my son, his nephew. He’s a good uncle. (Lives in Chicago too!)

Submitted by Nana; My wonderful son, Brandon wearing my fabulous granddaughter, Kimberley as she surveys her queendom!

Submitted by Alisha; Keiron and a little Zoe


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