Study Finds that Wisconsin, Mississippi and Michigan are the Worst States to Raise Black Children; Full Top 10 List Inside


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Let me start by saying this list has sparked a lot of discussion and some controversy. The list of best and worst states to raise black children is from an Annie e Casey Foundation study done in March called “Race for Results”. The study analyzed the outcomes of black children in American states according to 12 quality of life indicators;

Babies born at normal birthweight
Children ages 3 to 5 enrolled in nursery school, preschool or kindergarten
Fourth graders who scored at or above proficient in reading
Eighth graders who scored at or above proficient in math
High school students graduating on time
Females ages 15 to 19 who delay childbearing until adulthood
Young adults ages 19 to 26 who are in school or working
Young adults ages 25 to 29 who have completed an associate’s degree or higher
Children who live in two-parent families
Children who live with a householder who has at least a high school diploma
Children who live in families with incomes at or above 200% of poverty
Children who live in low-poverty areas (poverty here. It’s a good read and the section on African American kids is not too long. And you can find the full listing of states on page 13.

Ladies, do you live in any of the states listed? What is your take? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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