Share Your Worst #DiaperDisaster For a Chance to Win a CURLS Baby Kit

A few weeks back, I had my worst diaper disaster with Noah ever… and after getting over the trauma of it all, I shared my tale on Facebook; Okay… So I think I have a contender for worst mommy day... Continue Reading

Black Mommy Blog Roll Call! Add Your Blog to Our List

As you all know, I started this blog because during my pregnancy I could barely find any blogs written by black mothers. Well, I’m almost a year into doing Baby and Blog, and I’m still having trouble finding you guys!... Continue Reading

Who Knew That Starting a Black Mommy Blog Would Be This Controversial?

I’ve shared before that I started this site because, during my pregnancy, I was surprised at how few black mom blogs existed. Now that I’m in the mommy blogging game, I realize that that wasn’t entirely true. I really wasn’t... Continue Reading

Why I Won’t Stop Taking Too Many Photos of My Kid

By Alicia Barnes, liciabobesha.com Two years ago I was just getting to know this squishy face. Today, I have thousands* of photos documenting from then to now. I have him taking his first latch. I have him before his first... Continue Reading

I Was ‘Black While Mothering’ Today…

By Jenn Jackson My husband and I have three gorgeous children. Our oldest will be six next month. Our youngest just arrived last month. We were married in 2006 after dating for three years. We are college sweethearts. Next spring,... Continue Reading

I’ve Been Judged for Having “Too Many” Kids

By Kim of Reboryn.blogspot.com During our season of having just two children the celebration and congratulatory responses were “on and poppin”! We were treated ‘normally’, received smiles and given friendly comments. According to society and cultural standards, WE FIT IN!... Continue Reading

I’m a Jamaican Housewife

By Didan Ashanta I am a stay-at-home-mommy, a full-time/executive homemaker, a domestic logistics engineer, a housewife. Yes, I resigned from my middle management position in the food production and service industry to ‘stay home, keep house and mind baby’. No, we are... Continue Reading

5 Parenting Duties That Turned Out to Be Harder Than I Expected

I am used to excelling at school and at work. I am used to being the one who figures it out early, who is ahead of the curve. But when it comes to motherhood it seems the only thing I’ve... Continue Reading

Things I Tried, Succeeded and Failed at in my First Year of Mommyhood

That braid sticking up vertically from his head was a definite fail… When I was pregnant I did intense research of all the incredible things I could and would do for my new baby: cloth diapering, breastfeeding, reading, infant swim... Continue Reading

Welcome to Baby and Blog!

In February 2012 I found out that I was pregnant. It was totally unplanned and took me by surprise, and it seemed that a lot of my friends were getting pregnant around the same time. As I prepared myself mentally... Continue Reading

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