Welcome to Baby and Blog!


In February 2012 I found out that I was pregnant. It was totally unplanned and took me by surprise, and it seemed that a lot of my friends were getting pregnant around the same time. As I prepared myself mentally for a baby I scoured sites like BabyCenter.com for information and advice. And I found a lot — but not much from black moms.

So I took to extended Facebook messaging with my pregnant and mommy friends, all the while wishing there was a central space for us to share our experiences.

This is that space

So who am I…

My name is Leila and I’ve been a full-time blogger since 2009. I’m the creator and editor of the natural hair website Black Girl with Long Hair, which I started as a hobby back in 2008. Since then it’s pretty much become my life. I live in Chicago with my husband of 3 years and 8 month old son, Noah (or “Nugget” as we, and everyone else, calls him).

I’d love to e-meet you. So if you’re new to this spot, please introduce yourself in the comments ?