A Beautiful Natural Water Birth Caught on Video

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Louisiana mom Brikea Searile posted this gorgeous video of her water birth and it has quickly gone viral. Brikea’s partner, Marcus, acts as a support throughout the birth, massaging and coaching her while Stevie Wonder and Alicia Keys play in the background.

I had a water birth and, boy, did this bring back memories. Especially when Brikea screams, “It burns!”, because let’s be real, that crowning/shoulder-pushing is NO JOKE!

Beautiful video. Beautiful birth!

What kind of birth did you have? Share your stories below đŸ™‚


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  • http://www.reboryn.blogspot.com kim

    I can’t stop crying!! So beautiful!

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  • G.

    This is the most beautiful birth I have ever seen. Everyone was so active and positive and supporting the mother in every way.

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  • Renae

    Beautiful. God BlessYou

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  • Michelle Spice

    I did not have water births but I had two natural births! My pain were in my spine, hot and quick!

    This really brought back some real memories! Congrats to both parent Brikea and Marcus on the birthing of their beautiful daughter. She is gorgeous and powerful with a mighty voice.

    Thanks for sharing. Hope other moms to be get to see this and take the fear out of what is to come for them…


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  • Tiffany Curry

    What happened to the video? I was really looking forward to watching it. Bummer!

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