7 Places to Find a Work-from-Home Job


By Tara Jefferson of The Young Mommy Life

I’ve written about my life as a work-at-home mom and I just want to say – I hope I didn’t scare you off.

Yes, it takes a lot more organization and patience and drive to continue to do this day in and day out. I have to know when I can work, when I need to be paying attention to the kids (which is all the time), how I’m going to run errands and make all my deadlines without breaking a sweat.


The payoff is huge. I love what I do and I love being able to do it on my couch in my pajamas, with crazy hair and socks with cartoons on them.

In case you want to earn money with no commute, I’ve been doing some digging to find places you can begin to look to get a work-at-home job of your own.

1. Wahm.com

I found my most recent job (manuscript editing) from this job board. I’ve landed two or three from here in the past and I’d say they do a consistently good job of finding worthwhile jobs to pursue. There are all sorts of jobs on here, from medical transcription to writing gigs and everything in between. Best part is that it’s FREE and updated very regularly. I’d suggest you start here. Besides the job board, there are also helpful articles on making the most of the work-at-home mom life.

2. Problogger

If you’ve been a blogger for a while and you’re ready to branch out beyond your own blog, check out this job board for gigs all over the web. Fashion, music, landscaping – if you can write about it, there’s someone to hire you to do it. This board is free as well.

3. Women For Hire

This site isn’t a job board, per se, but has articles about the work-at-home life and resources/websites sprinkled in each one. I suggest taking an hour to browse through and gain as much knowledge as you can.

4. The Work At Home Woman

This job board is fairly new to me, but I can tell they have a variety of jobs, which is good for those who don’t necessarily want to be a writer. :)

5. Freelance Writing Jobs

If you are a writer, START HERE. Seriously. I’ve found some pretty great offers browsing through this job board over the years.

6. Craigslist

Craigslist gets a sketchy reputation sometimes and hey, I don’t know if I completely disagree with that. It IS kind of sketchy. But you can usually find a work-at-home job on there that’s worth your time. I have found a couple in my lifetime. Here’s a blog post with a couple tips about job-hunting on Craigslist. I can usually tell a legit ad from a scam or a sketchy one (hint: correct spelling, punctuation, name of a real company with a real way to get in touch with someone who works there). You can search for the industry you’re interested in and then sign up for the RSS feeds after searching for “telecommute.” Then all the work-from-home jobs will go to your feed reader or email inbox once new jobs are posted.

7. Case-by-case basis

I got a job working for Fisher Price when I was 19, writing copy for their products. I was in college, was browsing for a friend’s baby shower and just happened to click on “Careers.” Boom! Found a job and was quite good at it. I did it from the comfort of my dorm room, never having to do much more than click send on an email and wait for the check to go to my parents’ house. If you like a product or a website, poke around and see what you find. Many times they won’t advertise on the major sites, particularly if it’s a smaller company. The fact that you’re a loyal customer/reader will give you a leg up on the competition.

Here are a few others that I’ve found but haven’t personally used:


Got any other sites you’ve used? Leave ‘em in the comments!