Using A Playhouse As Storage For Garden Toys

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Try as hard as you might there never seems to be enough storage space for your childrens toys. Garden toys are much larger than the toys which are kept in your home so you need to find a suitable location to store those garden toys and your childrens playhouse may just be the right place.


As more and more garden toys are made of strong, molded plastic, you should pay great attention to ensure that these toys are stored away correctly and out of the sunlight because the sun will damage them if they are left in full view of the suns rays, regularly.

A place for your garden toy storage

A childrens playhouse is a great place for them to show their imagination and learn about social skills as they play with parents, relations and neighbourhood friends. Some of the cheap playhouses are quite small and made of plastic, but this can still be ideal for very young children. It is only as the children become bigger and stronger, that they might need to graduate into a larger childrens playhouse which might still made of plastic or might be a larger wooden variety that has been treated and painted to match local weather conditions.

Unless youve trained them particularly well, all children possess one similar habit. Thats the ability to leave toys wherever they were playing with them last and not thinking that they need to be returned to a safe location when playtime is over. If you can teach your kids to use the childrens playhouse as a garden toy storage centre, then you might be able to save yourself a lot of walking around your garden to clear up after your children.

Hammocks make great garden toy storage

If your childrens playhouse is big enough, the purchase of a few garden hammocks can help control the garden toy storage situation. If you run a mesh hammock from wall to wall, your children will be able to see through the mesh if they want to bring a toy out and they will know if it has enough space when theyre putting toys back.

Because most childrens garden toys are made of plastic, you can make a game out of putting the toys back in the hammock, along the lines of basketball with a gigantic net, because its unlikely they will damage the toys from throwing them over a short distance.

This also gives the children the opportunity to play a game that is a little bit daring because is not common practice for them to throw their toys around, without a parent making a biting comment. Your children will look forward to the opportunity of thinking theyve broken a rule, knowing that the rule can be broken on this occasion.

If this gets all the toys off the floor and packed away, then a hammock or two is a great investment for your childrens Playhouse.

There does need to be a word of warning, though, if youre to use a hammock for garden toy storage and you have small children. Hammocks do have ropes at each end and children will always find a way of getting their head caught in a rope which could cause them to choke, so you might want to wait until the children are of sufficient age before you install the hammocks.