Why You Should Use Homemade Baby Food

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Something that many new parents wrestle with is whether or not they should make their own baby food or buy it in jars from the store. A significant number of these parents go on to actually create their own home made baby food. There are actually some very good reasons for this, too.

Baby Food

The baby food you buy from the store has extra salt, fat, sugar and other “fillers” added to it. These things are meant to add flavor and texture to products that are already poor in quality. They don’t contribute anything to the health of your baby. When you make your own baby food, you know your baby is getting everything his or her body needs.

Making your baby’s food lets you know exactly what is going into your baby’s system. For instance, when you make apple sauce for your baby, you know that you’re using only the freshest and purest apples.

Store bought apple sauce has unrecognizable ingredients. It’s simple to make baby food at home, which is something that you’ll realize soon enough once you begin. The only things you need are a food blender and fresh ingredients. Another advantage is that you can make large amounts of your baby’s favorite meals ahead of time and freeze them so you can serve them in minutes every day.

With the economy so bad these days, everyone looks for a way to save money. Making your own baby food is a lot cheaper than store bought baby food. This keeps you from paying outrageous prices just to feed your baby food that’s not even very good for them.

In the end, it’s very satisfying to see your baby enjoy the meal that you’ve personally prepared. Not only that, but you’re reassured that there are only healthy ingredients and at a fraction of the cost of commercially prepared baby food. You’ll instantly see that your baby loves the taste of your home made food much better than that of the store bought jars.

Those should be enough reasons for you to go that extra mile to make food that your baby will enjoy and become healthier by eating. If not, think about how you can utilize family dinner leftovers.