It’s Not a Cherry That Can Be Popped: 7 Misconceptions About Virginity and the Hymen

I wish I could say that I was aware of all these misconceptions, but I would be fronting. This hilarious and super informative video from breaks down the many, many misconceptions around the hymen and the physical concept of virginity. Learn these facts and teach them to your daughters and sons!

1. The hymen doesn’t cover the vagina. It’s a thin layer of skin around the vagina.


2. Sex doesn’t have to hurt the first time, as the hymen is not being ‘popped’.

3. Hymens do not always tear from sexual intercourse. A woman who has had sex multiple times can have an intact hymen.

4. Hymens can tear from activities outside of sexual intercourse.

5. Hymens can heal.

6. One study found that 52% of sexually active women have intact hymens. You can read more about that here.

7. The implication of all this is that virginity as a physical concept does not exist.

Bonus fact:
Girls do not pee out of their vaginas. They pee out of their urethras which is a separate hole. Girls menstruate and give birth out of their vaginas.

Check out the video below: