5 Mentalities You Need to Make it as a Homeschooling Mom

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Considering homeschooling is overwhelming. It’s a major transition to opt-out of the traditional school system and move forward with your children’s education fully in your hands.

During our life-changing journey to homeschooling, we questioned ourselves often about whether we were ready for the upcoming challenges. Now that we’ve found our rhythm, we can certainly say homeschooling isn’t for everyone. If you do want to make it as a homeschooling mom, here are 5 mentalities you need to have.

1. A Willingness to Sacrifice

If you are not willing to sacrifice, don’t even think about homeschooling. Having seven children, I thought I knew about sacrifice, but homeschooling is another level.

When the oldest two were attending traditional school, my husband and I shared responsibility with their teachers for their education. Now that responsibility is all ours. Homeschooling requires so much time.

2. Patience, Patience, Patience

If you have no patience at all, then get on your knees now and start praying. My husband has more patience than I do, but I’m the one home all day.

When my children see me losing patience, it deters them from wanting to learn. They assume that they are the problem when it’s really me. So I have to work hard to be patient.

3. Courage

Not everyone agrees with our decision to homeschool. It takes a lot of courage to answer questions about why you chose this journey, especially when you are a rookie.

We also needed courage because we questioned whether we made the right decision and if we were doing it right. I still pray for courage.

4. A Readiness to Research

If you don’t like to do homework, then forget about homeschooling. Whether it pertains to curriculums, state requirements, or social events for our children, I am always researching.

There is no single best method to homeschooling. Finding what works for each child’s style of learning and your style of teaching can take more research than you’ve ever done. The benefit of doing all the research is you will be confident in your choices.

5. No People Pleasing

If you are looking to please friends, family, or even yourself then homeschooling is not for you. I want to give standing ovations to parents willing to accept such a life-changing experience for the sake of their children, but outside of homeschooling circles you probably won’t find many people happy for you.

Instead of praise, you’ll often find challenges– challenges with teaching your children, challenges from friends and family, challenges even with yourself. To homeschool is to take on challenges, especially if you don’t have a teaching degree.

My family members with teaching experience often suggest ways I should go about teaching and testing my children. But I’ve learned to take good suggestions, ignore criticism that’s not constructive, and stick to what’s best for me and mine.

If you are a people pleaser, forget about homeschooling. You’ll be too busy trying to make everyone happy to get any real work done.

6. An Open and Willing Heart

So far my husband and I have learned that homeschooling requires a whole and willing heart, guided by prayers and wisdom from the Lord. While this has been very challenging, it’s also strengthened our faith.

So if you’re not ready to sacrifice, test your patience, and open your heart, homeschooling may not be for you. But if you are, oh what an experience awaits.


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A Christian Wife and Stay at home mom to 7 beautiful children whose names all start with an M. I enjoy writing with my husband about our FAITH and all things FAMILY as we grow in the Lord. You can learn more about my family and I at www.encouragegrowingfamilies.com