6 Sources of Black Ballerina Inspiration for Little Girls

935109_525504434170873_1521888444_nDutch National Opera & Ballet dancer Michaela DePrince Photo Source

My 6 year old daughter looooves ballerinas. She took a ballet class a few years ago and fell in love with it.
Whenever I see Black Ballerinas I think of her. If you have a little dancer or are a fan of ballet then this short list is for you.

1. Ebony Ballerinas Pinterest Board: a short list of beautiful black ballerinas

a666d127c5539d7a7097fdb131d5afcdPhoto Source

2. African American Ballerinas Pinterest Board: Images of strong black ballerinas.

10231607f5884ada7da5865b456c4239Photo Source

3. African American Ballet Dancers Pinterest Board: Stunning images of black ballet dancers

51adc2f56f036b5330ad98dda28a5336Dance Theater of Harlem

4. Misty Copeland: The first African American female soloist for the American Ballet Theatre.

1f1f952b53236473da27d4b2ddfbab1fPhoto Source

5. I also found this article that highlights the 5 most influential Black Ballerinas.

4f4e606323162.imageLauren Anderson

6. This is a good article Shannon Harkins – the face of  African American Ballet Dancers’ Struggles It goes into the costs and time commitment it takes to become a professional ballet dance, and the focus is on a young African American ballerinas.

Do you have any links to Black Ballerinas you could share with us? Link to them in the comments!