8 Dolls That Affirm Brown Girls

We recently discussed books, movies and TV shows that affirm brown girls. Now we’re moving on to dolls! Check it out;

American Girl Dolls
Addy is African American with dark hair and eyes.

Cecile is from New Orleans, and has brown skin, green eyes, and curly brown hair.

Heart 4 Hearts dolls
Rahel is from Ethiopia and has curly, natural hair.

Nahji is from India and has brown skin, straight dark hair.

Consuelo is from Mexico.

Rahel is perfect for showcasing natural curls, but any of the dolls are great to own. They can be found at Target or purchased online.

Wal-Mart’s My Life dolls
My daughter has a Ballerina one with beautiful, soft, curly hair. She is so adorable. There are several of these African American dolls.

Target’s Our Generation Dolls
Abrianna is the African American doll.

Alejandra is the Hispanic doll.

Of course there are also African American Barbie Dolls and little sister Chelsea dolls, as well as Princess Tiana dolls. It’s not hard to find a cute African American doll for our daughters these days, and that’s great.

Ladies, what would you add to this list? Please share!

Sundi is a mom of four who lives with her husband outside of Atlanta, Georgia.