How I Created My Own Outdoor Movie Theater

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One of the funnest things about summer is the movies! But as I get older, I go to the theater less and less and prefer re-watching movies at home. So, this summer, I thought it would be fun to turn my 10 ft by 4 ft balcony into an outdoor movie theater. It’s really easy. At a basic level all you need is an outdoor wall, a white sheet, a projector and some old furniture. Here’s how I did it:

So first I swept the balcony and put an Ikea loveseat out there. It had been sitting in Noah’s nursery and not getting much usage, so I dragged it outside. The point here is to just use old comfy furniture around your house that you can put outside.



I then put down a rug and an Ikea Poang chair. The chair is really comfy and only costs about $110 with the footrest. Finally my husband went to Target and found a white sheet, came home and nailed it to the wall (kinda crookedly as you can see, lol). We then set the projector on a table about 6 feet back.


And that’s it!

We have to lay on the couch as we would a chaise so that we’re facing the screen. But it’s still pretty comfy because we rest our head on one armrest and our feet on the other.

The costliest part of all this was the projector, which was about $300. If you love watching movies at home, I think it’s definitely worth the price. It’s a real fun way to do family movie night, or even an at-home date night.

Here’s a picture of the outdoor movie theater in action. We were watching Jack and the Giant Slayer (terrible movie, but still a fun experience!) If you look closely you can see my foot on the couch. My husband was behind me in the Poang chair taking the picture.


Ladies have you done any DIY around-the-home projects this summer? Please share!


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