My Son’s Crib-less Nursery


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I am not a believer in cribs. Ever since I went looking for one at Target when I was pregnant and a store employee advised me against them. She recommended that I save money by using a Pack n’ Play (which is waaay cheaper!) as both a play and sleep space, and that’s what I’ve done.

I’ve blogged before about my son’s nursery (when he was born I had to squeeze it into 60 square feet!) Now that I’m in a bigger apartment we’ve gotten a chance to expand things a bit, but I still don’t have a crib.

Here are a few pictures of the nursery before I got a chance to clean it, lol…



His Joovy play yard doubles as a crib, and I am still using the Ikea Expedit book shelf as a changing table/storage space. The wall decal is from Etsy, and the hot air balloon rug is from These pics are after I cleaned — and yes, that is a Barack Obama poster above his play yard ?



Cribs are super expensive, so forgoing one has saved a lot on decorating costs. Ladies, how have you decorated your children’s sleep and play spaces?


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