Legos Unlocked: 15 Ways to Use Legos to Teach Math and Language Arts

Legos are great toys and one of the most creative tools that children can use.  Since children love them so much, they make for excellent Math and Language Arts manipulatives. For parents looking to offer new challenges to keep their kids learning,... Continue Reading

11 Beautiful Black Dolls Beyond Barbie and Doc McStuffins

When shopping for toys, I always try to find toys that represent my children.  There has been an increase in diverse dolls since I was a child.  I am happy that there are more mainstream dolls with various shades, such... Continue Reading

Why I Won’t Buy My Daughter a Baby Doll Unless She Asks

I don’t have anything against dolls. I don’t think they make or break a girl’s sense of self. I don’t think they promote domesticity — and I don’t think being domestic is a bad thing! But I do feel that,... Continue Reading

16 Toys That Encourage Engineering Skills in Kids

I’m grooming my daughter to become an engineer. No, I’m not going to tell her what career or fields of study to pursue. But, I want to train her brain to tinker away at the world as she manouvers her way... Continue Reading

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