Preparing for Baby

Have We Been Conditioned to Panic? 3 Myths About Pregnancy Over 35 Debunked

About a month after my 30th birthday, an elderly woman, who was admiring my 2-week-old daughter, asked my age and if I’d had any other children. When I told her this baby was my first, she warned, “Do your best... Continue Reading

Unanchored Furniture is More Dangerous for Children Than You Think

When I was about 8 years old, my dresser and TV fell on me. That’s it above. I had opened a drawer, pulled something out, then opened another without closing it either. As I opened the third drawer, the whole... Continue Reading

Facing My Limitations: I Want More Children, But I Cannot Mentally or Emotionally Afford Them

I have three siblings and growing up I always enjoyed being part of a large family. My siblings and I would play elaborate games together, forming teams and coming up with complicated rules. And yes, at one point my mom... Continue Reading

It Takes a Village: Resources for Black Moms to Advocate for Healthy Childbirth

When I delivered my daughter nearly four years ago, I planned on having a natural home birth. I had spent the majority of my pregnancy educating myself about the business of childbirth. I had a low-risk pregnancy and knew I... Continue Reading

I’m Pregnant With Twins and Raising 4 Young Children — The Challenges and the Joys

I never thought that after already being blessed with four children my body would carry twins. When I went for my first prenatal check up I was so surprised yet giddy when I got the news. I always entertained the... Continue Reading

4 Key Questions to Ask Potential Care Providers For a Natural Birth

You’re pregnant with your first and checking out all your options. Or it’s your second or third baby, and you’re wanting a different experience than the last time around.  Maybe no epidural, definitely not that awful Pitocin. Where do you... Continue Reading

10 Ways to Prepare Mentally and Emotionally for Motherhood

When women ask me what the biggest shock of becoming a mother was, my answer often surprises them: adjusting to a new lifestyle.  Becoming a mother is one of the most empowering changes I’ve experienced.  I didn’t realize, though, how... Continue Reading

9 Essential Items Every Breastfeeding Mother Needs

When I was pregnant with my first child, I remember all the doctors and nurses going on and on about the benefits of breastfeeding.  One benefit that would always come up was that breastfeeding was free and would save you... Continue Reading

Does Planning for Stay-At-Home Motherhood Begin… In College?

I recently read the book, 7 Myths of Working Mothers by Suzanne Venker, and I thought it was a thought-provoking read. She contends that most careers are just not accommodating to mothers who really want to spend time with their children.... Continue Reading

7 Creative and Out Of The Box Baby Shower Ideas

Baby showers are usually planned and executed by the expecting mother’s circle of friends, as they help her prepare for her new bundle of joy. But, not every pregnant mother wants to hand over the reigns for this once-in-a-lifetime event;... Continue Reading

Postpartum Rehab: 10 Things You’ll Need Help with After Giving Birth

As I write this, I have 6 friends who are counting down the days and weeks until they welcome their bundles of joy into the world. As I’ve journeyed with them, I’ve had to do lots of reflection on what... Continue Reading

10 Newborn “Essentials” That You Don’t Really Need

By Kim of When it comes to being a first time mommy (!) you believe that you will need EVERYTHING there is to have for your newborn, if not MORE! But not true ladies. If your baby does not have... Continue Reading

8 Pieces of Hard-Earned Advice for Mommies-to-Be

A couple friends of mine are now pregnant, and we’ve been corresponding about what the first year is like, and what to expect. I’ve shared my thoughts with them, some of it practical ‘mommyhacker’ type advice, but a lot of... Continue Reading

How I Squeezed a Nursery Into 60 Square Feet

  My pregnancy was unplanned and unexpected. And my husband Norm and I had actually *just* moved into a smaller unit in our apartment complex when we found out. Our first reaction was to look for a bigger apartment. Our apartment... Continue Reading

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