Emotional Wellness

I Had to Fail as a Mommy to Succeed as a Momtrepreneur: Getting Over Guilt to Get Things Done

As a child, I resented spending so much time with a nanny instead of my mother. She built and heads her own food service and manufacturing company, which has multiple operations in different cities. So, as a teenager, I swore... Continue Reading

10 Survival Tips For Mommies Who Hate Where They Live

Far from the best times of my life, my mid-to-late twenties were an extended pity party. Professionally, emotionally, and physically, I was stuck in a place I didn’t want to be. Hate is too light a word to describe how... Continue Reading

6 Things Mommies Can Do Each Morning to Set a Productive Tone for the Day

Do you ever feel like life just keeps ‘happening’ to you? Like each day you’re just waking up to find out what it’s going to be today. Of course, sometimes things go your way. But, for the most part you’re... Continue Reading

The Hardest Part of Recovering from Postpartum Depression Was Learning to Speak Up for My Own Needs

After being ravaged by postpartum depression for most of 2015, my 2016 goal was to retain sanity — by any means necessary. Things had fallen apart soon after I gave birth to my daughter, with the pressures of work and... Continue Reading

How My Son’s Ballet Lessons Are Helping Him Develop Character

I’m a big believer in learning through play. Little children learn best when their imaginations and hearts are in the forefront. This is why I love dance class for my son. From the time they can sit up, the tiniest... Continue Reading

I Turned Down Two Jobs to Stay at Home Because Child Care Costs Too Much

Now over a year into my total life change, I’m still shocked when I look back. Did I really turn down two jobs to stay home with my kids? I did not go to college and graduate school to stay... Continue Reading

Why I Reclaimed My Relationship with the Outdoors as a Black Woman and Went Camping

I had always been curious about camping. Something about a tent, a fire, and marshmallows sounded like a lot of fun, but when I brought it up, no one in my family wanted to sleep on the ground outside when... Continue Reading

How to Practice Mindful Eating in the Midst of Stressful Living

The first time I came across the idea of ‘mindful eating’, the article had something to do with using chopsticks to eat. But, since I am living in Japan and already using chopsticks daily, I flipped the page and moved... Continue Reading

My Greatest Struggle as a New Mother is Resenting the Loss of My Freedom

There comes a time in every mother’s life when she feels like she’s the sh*t. Maybe it’s the first time you lay the baby down for a nap and triumphantly tip toe from the room. Or perhaps it’s preparing more... Continue Reading

Why Satisfying Sex Should Be Part of a Mother’s Self-Care

“Sex? Don’t look at me! I’ve got more important things on my mind.” Sound like you? Most of us became mommies because we got hot, sweaty and (hopefully) satisfied. Yet, once those beautiful babies are born, a lot of mommies... Continue Reading

We Shouldn’t Need to Point Fingers at Other Mothers to Validate Our Parenting Decisions

I was recently reading a mother’s reflection about her choice to leave the workplace to focus on raising her children. Although I am a working mother I nodded along, resonating with her words. Juggling my work, marriage and children has... Continue Reading

5 Reasons It Sucks to Be the Female Breadwinner of Your Home

The author of this piece has asked to remain anonymous. Women are catching up in the workplace — fast. Time Magazine recently proclaimed that within 25 years most American families will be financially supported by women instead of men. I... Continue Reading

Facing My Limitations: I Want More Children, But I Cannot Mentally or Emotionally Afford Them

I have three siblings and growing up I always enjoyed being part of a large family. My siblings and I would play elaborate games together, forming teams and coming up with complicated rules. And yes, at one point my mom... Continue Reading

I Sacrificed My Professional Dreams to Become a Mother 7 Times Over

www.encouragegrowingfamilies.com I wish I could paint this fairytale picture that where I am now in my life is what I’ve always wanted, but that’s the furthest from the truth. With a Bachelor of Science in International Business, I thought I... Continue Reading

No, I Don’t Spank or Yell at My Toddler. Yes, He is Very Well Behaved.

Recently I was a member of a black moms Facebook group where the topic of discipline came up frequently. It’s one of those hardline subjects in black culture that folks debate heavily but rarely change their minds on. The main... Continue Reading

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