Affirming Black Children

I Run My Family Like a Company to Keep Us Together

I’m busy, so busy that it could be easy to not care about family meetings. Yet, I believe in running my family like a business to an extent. All good organizations need meetings to reflect, plan, celebrate, and grow. From extended family... Continue Reading

11 Beautiful Black Dolls Beyond Barbie and Doc McStuffins

When shopping for toys, I always try to find toys that represent my children.  There has been an increase in diverse dolls since I was a child.  I am happy that there are more mainstream dolls with various shades, such... Continue Reading

It’s Not New-Agey or Weird: What Black Families Should Know About Unschooling

Last week, Steve Harvey discussed unschooling on his popular talk show. Harvey explained a major benefit of homeschooling his own children was increased family time, but while he supports homeschooling he is unfamiliar with unschooling. On the show, Harvey had... Continue Reading

How My Son’s Ballet Lessons Are Helping Him Develop Character

I’m a big believer in learning through play. Little children learn best when their imaginations and hearts are in the forefront. This is why I love dance class for my son. From the time they can sit up, the tiniest... Continue Reading

5 Reasons I’m Concerned By This Video of a White Teacher Berating a Black Female Student

“I am not as smart as the other kids.”  That’s what the child told her mother. “There is nothing that infuriates me more than when you don’t do what’s on your paper!” That’s what the teacher Ms. Dial told the... Continue Reading

9 Craft Activities That Teach Preschoolers About Black History and Culture

February means a return of all the classic Black History Month activities at school, but there’s so much more you can do to teach your kids about our history than a coloring sheet of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. From... Continue Reading

Happy Slaves and Good Masters: As a Black Mother I am Troubled at How American Slavery is Portrayed in Children’s Lit

Just weeks before Black History Month a major publisher, Scholastic Inc. released, and just 12 days later removed a children’s book called, A Birthday Cake For George Washington. The book was swiftly met with protest from parents and teachers.  Most... Continue Reading

No, I Don’t Spank or Yell at My Toddler. Yes, He is Very Well Behaved.

Recently I was a member of a black moms Facebook group where the topic of discipline came up frequently. It’s one of those hardline subjects in black culture that folks debate heavily but rarely change their minds on. The main... Continue Reading

Why Speaking Gently to Our Kids is Even More Important in the Era of Black Lives Matter

While out on a New Year’s Eve run, I passed by a family loading up in their van. Kids piled in quickly and a woman spoke harshly, “I’ve been calling you and calling you. I’ve been waiting here.” Uh oh,... Continue Reading

32 Black Celebrities Who Have Authored Children’s Books and Apps

As I search through hundreds and hundreds of books at the library, trying to find books that will engage my children, I am always happy to find those that are authored by some of my favorite celebrities.  In addition to... Continue Reading

When You Love Your Children, But You Need Some Space

  Few things are sweeter to a mother than the sticky kisses of her children. As mommy to my 3-year-old little brown girl, Bean, I never get tired of planting smooches on her chubby cheeks (when she allows me to).... Continue Reading

Why My 3 Year Old is Getting Knives for Christmas

Looking for a gift that will improve motor skills, increase confidence, and improve your kid’s diet? Consider knives. That’s what I’m getting my three year old for Christmas. My little man has been helping me in the kitchen for awhile... Continue Reading

7 Historical Warrior Princesses I Want My Daughter to Emulate

I only recently got a peek at what Americans call ‘Princess Culture’ and sort of connected why the little girls all wanted pink frocks that look like 17th century designs, like to wear tiaras and some of them demand that... Continue Reading

Black Fathers Who Babywear!

By now you might have heard about the controversy over baby carrier company Baby K’Tan’s marketing for their sling. One box features a white mother and baby, with her partner standing behind her, the other features a black woman and... Continue Reading

23 Animated Series That Have Black Lead Characters or are Set in Africa

The last time my daughter saw black people, aside from her father and I, we had driven for two hours to attend a birthday party hosted by another Jamaican expat who lives here in Japan. As a black child in... Continue Reading

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