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Alicia lives and took a semester of photography in a small college town that often challenges her resolve to live as simply and as stress-free as possible. When she’s not working, rereading the same children’s books, cooking, or wondering how crunchy she’s become, she’s busy updating her site, You can follow her on facebook.

Why My 3 Year Old is Getting Knives for Christmas

Looking for a gift that will improve motor skills, increase confidence, and improve your kid’s diet? Consider knives. That’s what I’m getting my three year old for Christmas. My little man has been helping me in the kitchen for awhile now, stirring muffin batter here, washing vegetables there, but after I read this article about…

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6 of the GROSSEST Experiences of Motherhood

My kid knows nothing tastes as good as mouthfuls of dirt! I don’t even try to stop him. By Alicia Barnes, I’m grateful that I don’t have a weak constitution because motherhood has sure thrown some gross curveballs I didn’t expect. Lochia As if pregnancy and labor weren’t enough, they are followed by lochia,…

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